Sunday, February 26, 2012

Round One Name Bracket Results!

Below is a video-commentary of the Round One...

Here is a picture of the bracket with Round One Results!

From the brackets we've received, t he points stand as follows:

  • 18 points: Dad H., Mike Pitts, Kristin Overton, Dad O.
  • 17 points: Mom O.
  • 16 points: Joshua Hambleton
  • 15 points: Carrie Overton, Rachel Hambleton
  • 14 points: Mom H., Kim Dicus
  • 10 points: Ashley Roth
If you haven't give us your bracket, score one point for each correct answer.  If you've given me your bracket and your name isn't up here, that means I left it at school.  I'll try to get it scored soon!

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