Friday, February 17, 2012

growing pains

 So I am in the middle of week 33 and KB is growing!  Last night at school I served punch for the family math night and got home with super swollen ankles.  Yesterday was really the first time that I had issues with swelling, I think putting in a full day of teaching plus a couple of extra hours on the feet was too much.  So today I had hip pain, back pain, knee pain, and sore feet.  I suppose those are all pregnancy pains, but they made sleeping difficult!

VERY excited about the three day weekend.  Meeting mom and dad H at the legends for dinner tonight, mom and dad O in lawrence for dinner and basketball tomorrow, a show at the new theatre restaurant with mom and dad H on Sunday, and UMKC production of Carmina Burana at the Kauffman Center on Monday.  AND we have our hospital preadmission appointment Monday afternoon!  Time is flying....

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