Monday, October 31, 2011

Our KB is a little mover!

We had our anatomy ultra sound today, and KB is looking really good! He/She is a little mover. Waving, and kicking, and flipping around. I'm bummed I still haven't FELT KB move yet, but the sono technician says my placenta is in the front and that probably prevents me from feeling KB quite yet. Heart beat was 130 bpm, and the heart has four chambers (good!). Umbilical cord has 3 veins (good!). Brain looks good, lip looks good, spine looks good, kidneys and bladder look good. She was also able to tell KB's gender! it is stapled 12 times in an envelope. That paper will go to the bakery soon. We'll be doing a gender reveal cake-cutting at Thanksgiving with both sides of the family. :)

I was completely amazed at our ultrasound. God is good!

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Still waiting...

I hit fifteen weeks on Monday, and I'm still waiting for the energy to come back. Put in a 12 hour school day yesterday, am EXHAUSTED and didn't make it to choir. Therefore, I have time for an update!

I was hoping to upload an mp3 of KB's heartbeat, but I don't know if I can actually do that. We recorded the doppler u/s last week using my handy smartphone. KB had a heartrate of 160 bpm! My doctor says, "maybe a girl. But don't paint the nursery yet!"

Paint the nursery....I'm starting to feel slightly overwhelmed at the lack of planning I have done. Everything seems to be "on hold" until we find out if we're having a boy or a girl. I'm REALLY hoping we can get some new flooring in before baby arrives.

Last week I took some students to the Kauffman Center for the KC Symphony Young People's concert. We had such a nice time, and my group were VERY good audience members! Some of their comments from the day:

"That was an awesome concert and the music was awesome!"

"I didn't know we'd get to see and hear other instruments. That was cool!"

"It was so good I sat still the whole time." (a small miracle in and of itself, considering he was far away from me.)

"I can't believe not everyone dressed up. I think we looked gooood." (and it's true, a teacher told me my kids looked beautiful as she was leading kids from the earlier showing!)

"That was just beautiful music."

"I can't believe we got to see professional music players!"

Obviously I uploaded pictures. I'm proud of my kids. What a fun bunch of 4th and 5th graders!!!

Monday, October 3, 2011

Round Two!

I'm fourteen weeks pregnant today, so the second trimester is here!! I don't know if I'll do this every week, but I get updates from babycenter on Kleine Bohn's development.This is a picture of what our LO might look like in the womb!

The second trimester, I'm told, is the best because you're energy comes back, you're not sick anymore, and you're not huge yet. I'm very excited to (hopefully) get some energy back. Two prenatal workout DVDs arrived in the mail this weekend. I was planning on doing some yoga this morning, but opted for sleep. I think I'll have time between work and Bible study to do a 20 minute session.

I DID tackle our bathroom (finally!). I was able to focus enough energy to thoroughly clean the shower and sink area. I saturated a cloth with white vinegar and wiped out the soap scum on the new glass shower door! Unfortunately, not much cleaning has been done since August. Props to Rob for sweeping and vacuuming every so often!

Hosting a baby shower for my dear friend, Michelle, Saturday morning, and then a birthday dinner for Mom Saturday night. Thursday and Friday evenings are reserved for cleaning and food prep!