Monday, October 31, 2011

Our KB is a little mover!

We had our anatomy ultra sound today, and KB is looking really good! He/She is a little mover. Waving, and kicking, and flipping around. I'm bummed I still haven't FELT KB move yet, but the sono technician says my placenta is in the front and that probably prevents me from feeling KB quite yet. Heart beat was 130 bpm, and the heart has four chambers (good!). Umbilical cord has 3 veins (good!). Brain looks good, lip looks good, spine looks good, kidneys and bladder look good. She was also able to tell KB's gender! it is stapled 12 times in an envelope. That paper will go to the bakery soon. We'll be doing a gender reveal cake-cutting at Thanksgiving with both sides of the family. :)

I was completely amazed at our ultrasound. God is good!


  1. Love the cake idea! That will be really awesome for you guys. Can't wait to find out!

  2. Awww, yaaay! I'm so happy for you two. Can't wait to hear the big news! So you are doing one Thanksgiving with both families?

  3. Yes, we do, it's great! The Overtons Sr. are hosting this year. Unfortunately Kristin can't leave NYC for Turkey time. I'm hoping we can figure out a way to Skype so she can be part of the action. :)