Thursday, June 21, 2012

Hast du gut geschlafen? Ja, toll!

Best night so far! Rob left for Iowa yesterday afternoon. :(

Selah and I went up to platte city to visit Benninghof relatives. We had a great time!

Selah fell asleep in the car around 9:20. We got home, she stayed asleep. I was able to bring up the laundry, eat a snack, and get ready for bed. Usually she'll sleep in the carseat for 10 minutes, tops, after vehicle stops.

At 10:40 (an hour after we arrived home!) I take her out and swaddle her. Lay her in the crib, she wakes just enough to make her hunger cues. I get her out and she eats. Falls asleep, I put her in the swaddle again, then she is in a head back, mouth open, deep sleep. Gently lay her in the crib, she doesn't even startle!

I hop in bed at 11:00.

6:00 am Selah starts to stir.

For those that didn't do the math: 7 hours!!!

I get her up, change her diaper, she makes good work of eating. However, she is A Wake. Hmm. So, I burp her, swaddle her, and lay her back in crib. She is awake and squirmy. But, not fussing ! So, I turn on my white noise app on the phone and stick it next to het. I lay down, planning on getting up to soothe her in 15 minutes or so.

8:30 I wake up. She's asleep!!!! (This might be the second time she's fallen asleep from being wide awake). On advice of a friend I take a shower.

When I'm done with my contacts, she's stirring. I unzip her swaddle and coo and smile, and she flashes me the sweetest grins! She starts stretching and cooing. First time ever I've caught a happy baby first thing!

Ah. Too bad Rob missed it! I may have gotten more sleep than he did, and he's in a hotel with no baby. :)