Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Reformation Sunday

I'm a tad late on this post, but I still wanted to share the pictures!  After church on Reformation Sunday, we went out with mom and dad to the red barn farm one saturday.  Love this girl!!  (I also included a cute picture of her costume...note the tail feather!)

(apologies for the sideways pictures.  My pictures wouldn't let me rotate them!  so you'll have to rotate your head, I guess.)

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Last nice day?

Selah and I took advantage of the beautiful afternoon and played outside. Rob joined us when he got home from work. What a gorgeous evening with my family!

Monday, October 15, 2012

A Fall Walk

I seem to go longer and longer between posts.  Woops!

Selah is six months old.  We went for a walk this afternoon, and had fun with the fall colors.  Selah was so happy!

Sunday, July 8, 2012

July 4th, and slumber parties

Long time no pictures!  I finally have a minute with both hands and feel like posting. 

We spent Selah's first 4th of July at Barb and Rhett's.  Selah experienced the swimming pool for the first time!  She really enjoyed it.  Thanks, Barb, for dragging out the baby pool and carting up buckets of hot water so her first experience would be enjoyable!  Selah is sporting a blue ruffled swimsuit from Aunt Kristin, along with coordinated sun hat.

my special holiday outfit

it's my raupe!

me and dad


oh, yes, I LIKE this!

this is fun!

hello grandma h!

 We are currently under construction. In addition to adding two extra feet to our house (haha!) we have hired a contractor to replace the carpet in the hall and steps with hardwood.  The project is taking longer than expected.  With all the dust in the air, Selah's nasal passages have been irritated.  Poor girl is having problems breathing!!!  The past 3 nights have been spent at grandparents overton and hambleton houses.  They sure do love spending time with their granddaughter!

Sleeping in my aunt Kristin's cradle

grinning with aunt Carrie

swimming in the big pool with mom!

Sleeping on my mom's baby quilt, made by my great grandma koch.

hugs from grandpa?

Why yes, I love hugs from grandpa!

I know I'm small, but I need  a lot of stuff.

First visit to Great Grandma Overton's!

happy birthday grandma o!

I am SOOOO advanced for my age!

4 generations

Aunt Carrie was able to put me to sleep.  Thanks!

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Hast du gut geschlafen? Ja, toll!

Best night so far! Rob left for Iowa yesterday afternoon. :(

Selah and I went up to platte city to visit Benninghof relatives. We had a great time!

Selah fell asleep in the car around 9:20. We got home, she stayed asleep. I was able to bring up the laundry, eat a snack, and get ready for bed. Usually she'll sleep in the carseat for 10 minutes, tops, after vehicle stops.

At 10:40 (an hour after we arrived home!) I take her out and swaddle her. Lay her in the crib, she wakes just enough to make her hunger cues. I get her out and she eats. Falls asleep, I put her in the swaddle again, then she is in a head back, mouth open, deep sleep. Gently lay her in the crib, she doesn't even startle!

I hop in bed at 11:00.

6:00 am Selah starts to stir.

For those that didn't do the math: 7 hours!!!

I get her up, change her diaper, she makes good work of eating. However, she is A Wake. Hmm. So, I burp her, swaddle her, and lay her back in crib. She is awake and squirmy. But, not fussing ! So, I turn on my white noise app on the phone and stick it next to het. I lay down, planning on getting up to soothe her in 15 minutes or so.

8:30 I wake up. She's asleep!!!! (This might be the second time she's fallen asleep from being wide awake). On advice of a friend I take a shower.

When I'm done with my contacts, she's stirring. I unzip her swaddle and coo and smile, and she flashes me the sweetest grins! She starts stretching and cooing. First time ever I've caught a happy baby first thing!

Ah. Too bad Rob missed it! I may have gotten more sleep than he did, and he's in a hotel with no baby. :)