Monday, October 3, 2011

Round Two!

I'm fourteen weeks pregnant today, so the second trimester is here!! I don't know if I'll do this every week, but I get updates from babycenter on Kleine Bohn's development.This is a picture of what our LO might look like in the womb!

The second trimester, I'm told, is the best because you're energy comes back, you're not sick anymore, and you're not huge yet. I'm very excited to (hopefully) get some energy back. Two prenatal workout DVDs arrived in the mail this weekend. I was planning on doing some yoga this morning, but opted for sleep. I think I'll have time between work and Bible study to do a 20 minute session.

I DID tackle our bathroom (finally!). I was able to focus enough energy to thoroughly clean the shower and sink area. I saturated a cloth with white vinegar and wiped out the soap scum on the new glass shower door! Unfortunately, not much cleaning has been done since August. Props to Rob for sweeping and vacuuming every so often!

Hosting a baby shower for my dear friend, Michelle, Saturday morning, and then a birthday dinner for Mom Saturday night. Thursday and Friday evenings are reserved for cleaning and food prep!

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