Monday, September 26, 2011

Flitter Flutter Butterfly

Rob was called into the office this morning at 6am. I had a hard time falling back to asleep and then...I think I felt the baby move! I was on my left side, and if you've ever paid attention to your body, stuff moves around in your abdomen quite often. Well, this movement was just different. I'm sure we'll find out later if I REALLY felt the baby. I'm told FTM (first time moms) don't really recognize the movement this early. The second time around is when you can distinguish between gas (ew!) and baby's flutters.

This is me and Rob along Lake Superior in Duluth, MN. I am holding a 6month NSIM onesie. I posted the picture on facebook yesterday and have received so many wonderful congratulatory responses! What lovely friends I have. We are very excited about our new journey!!!


  1. Oh! the first flutters!! YEAH!!

  2. Hey cousin!
    So happy for you! What a wonderful feeling that must be!! (baby movements not gas! LOL!)

    13 weeks along?! Wow!! Congratulations again!! =D