Saturday, February 11, 2012

It's a beautiful day!

I have had such a delightful day!

My dear friend, Emily, threw me the most amazing baby shower, and I had so many lovely friends and family in attendance. We ate a delicious dairy free and gluten free brunch, then made hair clips for Engelberta. All the ladies, except for me, wrote stories about KB's mommy and daddy so she can read what Rob and I were "like" before we became parents. Emily is going to bind those together to make a book.

It is wonderful to be loved by so many people!!

Received many useful and cute gifts, now I should get started on the baby's room. :)

Dad and Mom unloaded our gifts at the house while I chatted with friends, and then we headed to Fred and Rita's with Josh, Rachel, and Ashley to watch the KU OSU basketball game. Mom and Dad O, thanks for letting us use your cable while you were at the game!

We all met back at our house, plus Carrie, for a pizza and bracket party. Papa Murphy's has great pizza, and we ordered some without cheese so I was able to put some of that yummy Daiya "cheese" on one to make it Mel-happy. The family worked hard on filling in their name brackets. 64 names, who will be the winner???

A blank bracket will be available soon so you can play!

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