Thursday, March 15, 2012

Update on the to-do list

Update on the to do list:
  • take it easy!
  • install car seat base in Rob's car
  • level car seat base in my car, and take it to the Lenexa PD for inspection
  • get back into the groove of Quiet time with the Lord (on going!)
  • pack a bag for the hospital (or create a list)
  • wash some baby blankets and clothes
  • match up gift receipts with gifts
  • nap when tired (on going!)
  • organize the baby's room -still in progress!
  • put mattress pad and crib sheet on mattress
  • switch out winter/summer clothes
  • organize the linen closet
  • organize kitchen cabinets to make room for baby dishes/bottles
  • walk every day
  • get a pedicure (maybe with Mom on Wednesday????)
  • menu plan and make meals
  • research floor companies: I think we're going to get new hard floors!!!
  • read
  • snuggle with kitties
  • hang up baby clothes in closet (on going)
  • clear out guest bedroom closet
  • throw away clutter
  • create a pregnancy scrapbook-should have started that in August, huh?
  • continue writing thank you notes
  • create birth art
  • get maternity pictures made :)
  • mini babymoon with Rob!
  • carry phone with me so I don't have to run and find my phone when it rings
  • put feet up
  • de-clutter public areas
  • organize music room
  • update registry

Update on me:  I am starting to show signs of pre-eclampsia. :(  I'm doing lab work at the hospital tomorrow, who will call my doctor in the late afternoon with results.  The prayer is that the results come back NORMAL so that I don't talk to my doctor until next week's visit.  If results aren't looking good, she'll call me tomorrow evening and we'll go from there.  My blood pressure is normal which is good.  

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