Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Master of the House

I feel as if I've been hard on Rob lately, and maybe it's pregnancy hormones kicking in (really, at 39 weeks couldn't I have been spared?!) but here are some things that make me so Thankful God placed Rob as head of our household.

  • Rob is spiritual and has a relationship with the Lord
  • he manages our money so I don't have to
  • He takes out the trash
  • he's the caretaker of the kitties.  If they had to rely on me, they would probably starve and have a dirty litter-box all the time!
  • He looks for ways to help others
  • Rob reads the books/chapters I've marked for him
  • He is a great musician
  • fluent in Deutsch.  Hoping to raise a bilingual baby!
  • He likes my family. :)
  • he organized the upstairs music room
  • He isn't afraid to ask for help
  • he installed a new door knob and dead bolt so our house is now SUPER secure!
  • He doesn't get upset if he comes home to a cluttered house, even though I'm home all day and probably could have straightened up a few rooms. 
  • Rob is VERY clever.  
  • AND I love his sense of humor!  He created the scripts for our KB Bracket videos, btw.
  • He's a great role model for the youth
  • Rob is great with the kids in GFM-it's fun to be a team with the kids' music!
  • he is sensitive-especially to my emotions, and handles "them" really well.
  • when I was going to school, he helped me put my shoes and socks on.  (yay for warm weather!)
  • he looks really good pushing a vacuum cleaner! :)

I think Rob is going to make a great dad, and I'm excited to be partners in this new role of parenting!


  1. What a nice surprise! I love you, too!

  2. Apparently when I posted it was under your login. I love you :)