Monday, March 12, 2012


Spring break starts today...and so does my maternity leave!  The countdown: 3 weeks.  Holy cow!

I'm going to create (and probably add to) a "to do" list.  If anyone has the desire to come tackle this with me, by all means you are welcome to come over!  Or post encouragement to stay motivated. :)
  • take it easy!
  • install car seat base in Rob's car
  • level car seat base in my car, and take it to the Lenexa PD for inspection
  • get back into the groove of Quiet time with the Lord
  • pack a bag for the hospital (or create a list)
  • wash some baby blankets and clothes
  • match up gift receipts with gifts
  • nap when tired
  • organize the baby's room
  • put mattress pad and crib sheet on mattress
  • switch out winter/summer clothes
  • organize the linen closet
  • organize kitchen cabinets to make room for baby dishes/bottles
  • walk every day
  • get a pedicure (maybe with Mom on Wednesday????)
  • menu plan and make meals
  • research floor companies: I think we're going to get new hard floors!!!
  • read
  • snuggle with kitties
  • hang up baby clothes in closet
  • clear out guest bedroom closet
  • throw away clutter
  • create a pregnancy scrapbook-should have started that in August, huh?
  • continue writing thank you notes
  • create birth art
  • get maternity pictures made :)
  • mini babymoon with Rob!
  • carry phone with me so I don't have to run and find my phone when it rings
Ah.  I just got off the phone with my doctor's office, so taking it easy is going to be a big priority.  I'd say if I can tackle this list over the next three weeks, that would be great.  Now, off to cuddle with the cats and catch up on some Zzz's!

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  1. Wow!! THREE WEEKS!! Defiantly take it easy, because once the baby comes there will be no more taking it easy...I wish it weren't that way :(

    Baby-moons are wonderful!!

    Oh and another there anyone who can line up meals to bring to your house? This is such a blessing to give to a new mommy and daddy. Try and see if they could do it for 3 days a week for over a month.