Thursday, January 12, 2012

Minor Meltdown

Well, if you've seen my facebook status for the evening, you know that my flash drive stopped working. I was hoping there would be a quick fix, but from it sounds like, it's fried. I read fb messages from computer friends who said that there may be a chance to recover my info, but it's probably going to cost some $$$.

I stood in the bedroom reading my messages while Rob was putting on his accordion. I started thinking about everything that was on my flash drive that was NOT backed up anywhere else and just started crying. Oh my! Sweet Rob took off his accordion and came down to console me, then said he'd try to do some research tonight or tomorrow on recovery costs.

Even if I wasn't pregnant I think I would have still cried over my flash drive. And it's my fault for not backing up my info, and my flash drive is five years old! Which is ANCIENT when you think about technology.

This weekend Rob and I are going to back up our pictures, on CDs or SD cards or the internet. If only I had thought to utilize google docs.........

Sleep will cure all, even if for a little while.

On a very happy note, we had an impromptu baby date night. Hit up Buy Buy Baby and actually got assistance with stroller choices and carriers. Then ate an Italian Feast at Cinzettis. Now I'm being serenaded by Phillip Glass on accordion. I love my husband!!!!!!

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  1. I use Google docs and actually filled the free space. It was reasonable to add more! Good luck with finding all your old files. I can imagine the devastation!